North Bali Airport

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North Bali Airport will be located near Kubutambahan Area (WADK)

Latest rumors / news: The North Bali Airport will be a "floating airport". A structure with room for two runways 125 meters from the beach. So, its not really floating, but placed on concrete piles. Hows that for a view?

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May 21, 2015

In addition to Ngurah Rai International Aiport in Denpasar, Bali will be home to a floating international airport that will be constructed on a beach off Kubutambahan in Buleleng. reported on Thursday that a Canadian investor had presented the airport construction master plan to the regent of Buleleng on Wednesday.

I Made Mangku, who spoke on behalf of the Canadian investor, said that according to plan, the airport would be constructed on 1,400 hectares of reclaimed water area on the beach.

He added that the airport would have two runways. A 125-meter bridge will be also constructed to connect the airport to the mainland.

According to the master plan, part of the beach will be reclaimed but will not be converted into an island and water will continue to float under the airport. Construction will be supported by concrete piles, he said.

Translated from
Kompas Kubutambahan Jadi Lokasi Bandara Kedua di Bali
Monday, May 19, 2014

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika decided the second international airport construction site in Bali is to be in Kubutambahan, Buleleng regency. He could not wait any longer in deciding for the location, because the opening of the tender to build the airport will in mid 2014.

Pastika waited until the 17th of May, 2014 for investors from Singapore to present their plans, but they did not show up and offer anything that would be beneficial to the people of Buleleng.

We are also pressed for time, said Pastika. He is expected to report in May 2014 to Jakarta about the North Bali Airport development plan. Required land area is approximately 600 hectares, project cost Rp 3 trillion. Pastika promised not to displace or interfere with temple buildings and densely populated areas. (See new location picture)

"To be sure, the construction must be carried out carefully and seriously. This includes thinking about the infrastructure. We will attempt to use the land so as not to interfere with provincial society", he said. Buleleng Airport is expected to boost the economic welfare of the people of North Bali, so the inequality between the North and South quickly erodes.

A number of parties, such as members of the Hindu Association of Indonesia (PHDI) and academics, provided input to the governor and said that all decisions about development plans of the North Bali Airport in Buleleng Bali should be made carefully and not too fast. They hope the decision is really mature because of the very little land in Bali that is left.

Udayana University Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Made Sendra said the choice for the location of the International Airport in Buleleng is not to be taken lightly. The choice will have a great impact on the customs, culture and social situation. According to him, local people do not resist change and modernization. "However, several areas and buildings on the airport site have historical value so we hope that all the buildings are considered sacred and history is not lost," said Sendra.

Planned Start of Building of the Airport is 2018, finished in 2021.

North Bali Airport Zoomable Map of area (will possibly move further east)

Location North Bali Airport

In the mean time, here are the arrivals and departures of the South Bali Airport.

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